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Unique House Remodeling Ideas

House Remodeling Ideas

The slump in the real estate market has got people wondering is it really a good decision to sell the home? Some of the homeowners have chosen to stay in their existing houses instead of selling the property at a bad price. You can’t just wait for the real estate market to improve forever. This is exactly why people have chosen to opt for home renovation. When you can make your home comfortable by opting for home improvement then why get into the hassle of selling your home?

The Need For Home Improvement

The question of concern now is how can you add value to your home when the market is already down? How can home improvement help in increasing the value of your home? What are the kinds of improvements that serve the purpose best?

Experts say that even if you are not planning to sell your property anytime soon, it won’t hurt to spend some money on remodeling. Do you know that a simple home improvement like adding a new front can add value to your house up to 96.6%? It has to be the right door however. A strategic move like painting your existing front door can help offer you the same payoff.

Instead of bigger remodeling investments, replacing old doors and windows can also yield a good return. The professional re-modelers and real estate agents say that just updating the bath and kitchen can bring a lot of payoff at the time of resale. These experts strongly discourage redesigning your spaces according to such fashion trends that are incongruous with the architecture of your house. Such changes don’t really add value to the property, instead they detract value.

Homeowners need house remodeling ideas that are actually recommended by the experts so that they know at the time of selling the property, they will get the payoffs. So what are the best big or small house remodeling ideas? The comprehensive guide below throws some light of the best and fruitful ideas:

Starting With Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen is the heart of any home and updates in this room can improve up to 60% value of your home. A starting change would be to get the kitchen painted again. Choose modern colors and you will see how the look of your kitchen changes. A low VOC paint can be best as it can make your kitchen Eco friendly. It is free from all chemicals which can be dangerous to the health of your family.

Replacing old appliances with the energy efficient ones can be a great change. The ones that can let you save significant money are the star rates ones. They are best for the environment and they consume less energy. Potential buyers will be keen to save money when looking for a new house so this change can be healthy.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If there is just one bathroom in your house, it is suggested to get another one constructed if you can spend large chunk of money on this investment. At the time of sales, you will get to recover 80% to 130% of the money.

Here is a remodeling idea through which you can make more room in your bathroom. If you have two small closest, get rid of them. You need to make your bathroom look bigger. You can add those cabinets that fit into the walls. Along with regular tiles, you can create a river bed look by adding stones to the floor.

A large and frame-less mirror and well placed lights can make the bathroom space look bigger. With a marble clad dividing wall, you can make room for storage as well. Place a curb-less entry at the shower region so that footprints don’t spread throughout the bathroom.

Room Reinvention Ideas

It can be get incredibility expensive if you add even a square footage to your existing property. Although you can recover from 50 to 80% of this investment but the cost of the project can tend to get out of budget. If you want to save money, go for reinventing the existing space. Need an additional room, then convert your attic into a bedroom. Similarly if you have an empty basement or garage, you can convert it into a room. Reinventing can be attractive for potential buyers. Basements can serve as a second living room and you can event rent it to someone. You can convert the extra space into:

Home Office: This can be a really attractive reinventing idea. It is best if you do a home based business and you often expect a visitor. The area needs to be suitable for business excess.

Medication Room/Gym: The room that is seldom used can be converted into medication room or even a gym. You will just have to add soothing colors to the walls and move in some equipment.

Play Room:You can convert the extra space to a playroom for your kids or even open a day care center. Place some comfy couches, toys, and chalkboard and get the walls painted according to kid’s theme.

Your kids would love to have a playing place of their own. You would also be relieved as they won’t run around the house.

Energy Efficient Windows

Buyers are interested to buy homes that are energy efficient. So, it is high time you get rid of the single pane windows and install the double glazed windows. This investment will make your house energy efficient. You can get up to 90% of the investment back when selling the house. Buyers would be satisfied to get a house that has energy star rated windows. This is one of the most crucial old house remodeling ideas.

Exterior Makeover

There are unique house remodeling ideas exteriors, which can leave a striking impact on the value of the property. Painting the fences, mowing the lawn, getting a landscape prepared, getting the front door and garage door replaced etc can add a curb appeal to your exterior. These remodel homes ideas can add up to the value of the property.

The investments might seem to be expensive but in the long run, at the time of sales, you can get a better value for your property, even more than expected. It is going to be a better decision to go for home improvement and remodeling instead of spending a whole lot of money on buying a new home just because your needs have changed. Remodeling can still be a better idea than purchasing a new home.